15/May, 2015 por Loreak Mendian




14/May, 2015 por Loreak Mendian


Today we’d like to introduce you to another brand that will be joining us in our new Parisian venture:


Alki is a furniture workshop active since 1981 in a small village in the North of the Basque Country. The designer Jean Louis Iratzoki (Saint Jean de Luz, 1965) is in charge of Alki’s artistic direction and design of the products.

The item we chose for our store is the Kimua bench. We liked it when we saw it, but we liked it even more when we read about its background:

Kimua is a contemporary update of the traditional straw chair. Such an update is obviously steeped in the affective dimension that conveys this ancient trade, which employs the Tabouda variety of natural straw. The chair has been manually woven and covered with straw. It has an aerial, refined look.

The legs and the back are made of solid oak wood, whereas the seat comes in manually woven Tabouda natural straw.




Here we invite you to check out Alki, a design brand that we feel a strong affinity with.

11/May, 2015 por Loreak Mendian


As we told you, our new store at the 30 of Rue Charonne in Paris was never going to be a run-of-the-mill affair. We have been particularly excited with this project from day one and therefore we have taken extra care of every single detail.

As well as the latest women’s collection by Loreak Mendian, we are also stocking such brands as:

Sargadelos. These renowned ceramics manufacturers have been operating in Galicia (Spain) since 1806, creating very solid and carefully designed pieces. The ‘portomarínico’ tea set is the first of many Sargadelos items that will be available at the store. They are sold separately, in case anybody prefers to use the teapot as a vase, the sugar pot as a jewel case, etc. We have been in love with these objects since we first set our eyes on them.




We strongly encourage you to check the work of this brand here.


In the following weeks we will tell you more about the brands/products that will be surrounding us in our new Parisian venture.

Have a nice Monday!

4/May, 2015 por Loreak Mendian


The opening of our new Paris store is just the perfect excuse to launch a special stationery edition, which is something we had been planning to do for a while.


The edition will consist of a diary or notebook: the ideal complement to write down ideas (?), or to keep notes while travelling. The complete edition of three notebooks has been inspired by the Basque-French seaside.


So we took three old pictures of Biarritz (France) printed in offset technique on poster board and, in order to make them look as good as they deserved, we chose a rustic type of bookbinding with a soft cover, a spine made of book cloth and corner profiles in a golden colour.

29/April, 2015 por Loreak Mendian


Para esta temporada hemos vuelto a contar con el saber hacer de Beatriz Palacios a la hora de diseñar la sección de bisutería. Formas muy orgánicas con las hojas, los frutos y los animales que encontramos en la naturaleza muy presentes.


Amicale Necklace


Camping Necklace



Hosto Bracelet



Fajalauza Necklace



Garza Necklace



Hosto Necklace