Fall/Winter 2012 New Arrivals

Early as it may seem, winter has already arrived in our stores. We know - it´s too early for most of you, but don´t worry. If you want to check it ...

4 x Kutxa Kultur Merchan Pack

Well - cheer up, because we´re bringing you the best way to face this challenging week: a raffle of 4 T-shirt+bag packs of the Kutxa Kultur festival´s merchandising (remember, it will take place the next weekend!). If you want to take part, it´s dead easy:

1. Follow Loreak Mendian on Facebook and/or Twitter
2. Leave a comment under the post and/or comment on the hashtag #MerchanKutxaKultur

On Thursday the 6th, at 10 am, we will announce the names of the four lucky ones on the social networks. 

Álvaro Matxinbarrena X ja! studio X Loreak Mendian

We´ve been fans of painter/sculptor Álvaro Matxinbarrena for a very long time. Therefore, it was just a matter of time before we suggested him a collaboration with Ion Ander Beloki (ja! studio), the man behind our shop windows. 
The initial idea was to borrow one of Alvaro´s pieces and use it for one of our windows. But things evolved and finally the project has grown to involve the making of a T-shirt and a video documenting the whole creative process, courtesy of Debolex .

During the whole of the month of August, you will be able to see the shop window they have designed together at our store on Hernani Street (San Sebastian) as well as the T-shirts they have designed especially for the occasion. Here are a few images of the process - we´ll keep you posted about further developments... watch out!  

New Online Shop!

Come in and see! With this nice little video (https://vimeo.com/41989672) we want to officially present Loreak Mendian´s new online shop, which has been completely updated but still bears our imprint. The ‘nostalgic´ bit is perhaps the mouse, which has regained some highly deserved prominence, since it has been our virtual mascot since the very early days. 

This is a platform whose purpose is to make a good selection of our collections available to those who don´t live near any of our stores, or who find it easier to make their purchases from the sofa or from the office desk. 

Keep an eye on the promotions and news that we will be sending out, for which we advise you to subscribe to the newsletter (just go to the Loreak Mendian Online Shop´s Home page). 

And what´s more, the first 100 purchases will receive a present: a set of wooden beer mats that we have screen-printed for the occasion. Should you have any question, we will be delighted to answer at shop@loreakmendian.com

¡Ojo al Chollo!

Ofertón-Promoción. Os presentamos la gráfica que hicimos desde el departamento gráfico a un encargo que nos hacían las tiendas: necesitaban algo que indicara que hay un 20% de descuento en artículos seleccionados, que llamara la atención y fuera bastante visible, vamos "Algo como Dios manda".

Hasta el 3 de junio, en todas las tiendas Loreak Mendian encontraréis algunos de los artículos de esta temporada rebajados al 20%, un chollo para cómo está el panorama.