Travel Series
Loreak’s virtual journey within and to other
random places

Travel Series

Aperture has shown us that wanderlust is inherent to Loreak’s essence — it’s our starting point for a journey whose destination is every path, every train and vessel we take, every shape and color revealed by our changing vantage point. The destination is the exploration itself and all the unexpected places it leads to — a dérive, in which we let landscapes and architecture guide our way to great new discoveries.

64°18’47”N 20°18’2”W
38°47’38”N 15°12’40”E
14°57’0”N 24°21’0”W
63°37’12”N 19°36’48”W
Travel Series

We interpret the journey as mind travelling to imaginary places and times to come. This new collection maps out images and textures evoking an unknown, uncontrolled future that only exists within the boundaries that separate reality from fiction.