Loreak Mendian x Monocle Magazine

Marlen has a transcendent character, protecting you from the wind and bringing beauty to the rain. Made with local products of Basque origin, it generates a desire to go outside and brave the elements, whatever the weather. There is no better iconic symbol for your wardrobe than this parka, to wear as you walk along the coast towards the emblematic Comb of the Wind. Its military green colour is enveloped by the mist, on this robust and rugged granite pink walkway designed by Luis Peña Ganchegui that glistens with water and shines in the gale, as does Marlen.

An iconic setting to capture the essence of this all-terrain garment made in collaboration with Monocle Magazine. It is the perfect vantage point to look out over the whole La Concha Bay and the island of Santa Clara, enjoying all the little details, those of the environment and those of Marlen: all the pockets, the buttons in metal rivets and our own classic yellow that makes the interior shine. Marlen arrives to the sound of the wind, to the rhythm of the sea.

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