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  1. Visual Stories — Ander Perez de Arenaza

    Visual Stories — Ander Perez de Arenaza See more
    Ander Perez de Arenaza, animator, illustrator, designer and shopkeeper. A.K.A. Artist.
  2. Monocle Marlen Jkt

    Monocle Marlen Jkt See more
    New collaboration between Monocle Magazine and Loreak Mendian
  3. SS24 Men Lookbook

    SS24 Men Lookbook See more
    Men's spring-summer 2024 lookbook for the season
  4. SS24 Women Lookbook

    SS24 Women Lookbook See more
    Women's spring-summer 2024 lookbook for the season.
  5. Visual Stories — Malen Agirre

    Visual Stories — Malen Agirre See more
    We interviewed Malen Agirre, print designer and painter, in our Visual Stories questionnaire.
  6. Visual Stories — Lander Ibarretxe

    Visual Stories — Lander Ibarretxe See more
    The filmmaker Lander Ibarretxe, author of many of the pieces created in Loreak Mendian, answers our questionnaire.