Name and Occupation.

Malen Agirre Sarasua, print designer and painter.

" Garden "
Técnica mixta sobre lienzo
167 cm x 176 cm

Artwork or piece with which you feel most satisfied or that you believe best represents you.

I have several works that represent me or with which I feel identified, especially paintings, since each work speaks of a part of me, of an emotion or sensation captured at the moment I am creating it.
But to mention a few, I would say “Reflection”, “Garden” or “Thoughts before nap”, from the latest
collection “Bocetos”, for their relationship and harmony between subtlety and character.

Your first work.

I couldn't really say what the first job was, but I think one of the most representative projects I did was
for Mirall. Barcelona, where I created prints inspired by the stained glass window of the Palau de la Música.

Recommend us a book, a movie and a song.

Book : “Huaco Retrato “ Gabriela Wiener
Movie : “ La gran belleza “ Paolo Sorrentino
Song : “ The girl “ City and Colour

Author whose works you never miss

Ronan Bourouellc, The Plant Magazine, Nick knight, Panconesi, Cordero Atelier, Jordan Robson, Degurnay…

3 podcasts or radio programs you would recommend.

Lore Hostoak “, “ Participantes para un delirio “ or “Radio nacional clásica

3 Instagram profiles that you would recommend.


TV series you are currently watching.

I am not currently watching any series, but I want to start watching “ Cristóbal Balenciaga

Next country/city you would like to travel to and why

The country that catches my attention the most is Japan. I am very attracted to and inspired by their culture and aesthetics. I would love to fill my notebooks with sketches and notes of its architecture, botany, prints... capture its essence, and work on a new series of paintings with all that information.

Person you would like to see taking this quiz.

Comme Des Machines

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