Ander Perez de Arenaza — Artist

Photos by Ángela Losa

Name and Occupation.

Ander Perez de Arenaza, animator, illustrator, designer and shopkeeper. A.K.A. Artist.

Photos by Ángela Losa

Artwork or piece with which you feel most satisfied or that you believe best represents you.

2Definitely "Egu". Stop-motion short film that I had the opportunity to direct in the second year of animation together with several colleagues and friends. It was a bit of the dream I aspired to (and still aspire to; one day, hopefully) and the truth is that I'm very grateful to Ecib for providing me with all the facilities to be able to do it. It's amazing having a workshop, tutoring and, most importantly, a set at your disposal for months at a time, to lock yourself in there and spend your afternoons doing what you love most.

Your first work.

Definitely a little animated piece I did in stop motion with plasticine when I was 7 years old. "Marteko
martzianoa". The main character was a mischievous Martian who ruined Elvis' concert by leaving him
with his trousers off in front of the audience. All filmed with my uncle's vhs and with the help of my
parents for the special effects. Soundtrack of 10. A real highlight.

Recommend us a book, a movie and a song.

Book: Megg & Mogg - Utter magic by Simon Hanselmann, and all the subsequent volumes. (I would like to take this opportunity to say that I lent someone my copy of "BAHÍA SAN BÚO"; if you're reading this, please, I would love to get it back. ?).
Film: Totoro, definitely. If you haven't seen it, get on with it.
Song: Drown me - Yung Sherman. Making me dream since 2016

Author whose works you never miss

Yung Lean

3 podcasts or radio programs you would recommend.

The truth is, I don't listen much, though it's true that I rarely miss CRRRAQ! it's very funny and lately I'm really
addicted to the loki of exposing the truth. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I'm really hooked, and I'm focused on healing, Mickey Mouse hat. I could say that I sometimes play NTS but only when Dani tells me that there's a cool session. MZ Dani <3

3 Instagram profiles that you would recommend.


(although I would love to recommend to all my artist&creativ amics the truth)

TV series you are currently watching.

One piece and Adventure Time (I watch this one all the time, I've never stopped watching it, infinite love to
Adventure Time, watch Adventure Time, don't miss Adventure Time).

Next country/city you would like to travel to and why

Japan obviously. I want to walk around Shinchan-like neighbourhoods, travel by train, play those dance
machines with a good cosplay, lock myself in one of those Lost in Translation karaoke bars, eat as much as I can in those super-cute places I see on Instagram, travel by motorbike with my colleague Jota (greetings) between villages and forests, visit bonsai museums, ceramics museums and even pebble museums. VISIT THE GHIBLI MUSEUM, and above all, bring back about five suitcases full of manga, toys, and the coolest action figures. Japan is definitely a dream. I also want to visit Chile because of the waves and, by the way, a big hug to those affected by the fires.

Person you would like to see taking this quiz.

Maider Aldasoroooo muamuamuamuamua

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