Andoni Beristain — Photographer

Name and Occupation.

Andoni Beristain. Photographer, among other things.

Artwork or piece with which you feel most satisfied or that you believe best represents you.

‘Pieza Madre’ has been, and I believe will be the most important work of my career. It was a series of 63 very personal photos dedicated to my mother who passed away suddenly two years ago. It was my way of paying tribute to her and of mourning, in this case with the colour yellow. It was also my way of breaking taboos and talking about something as hard as death from another point of view.

Your first work.

I don’t remember exactly what my first job was, I started while I was studying, but one of the first was the cover and the still lifes for one of the books by the illustrators Brosmind. It was one of the first and also one of those jobs that helped define my style and what I wanted to do, plus they are amazing both personally and professionally.

Recommend us a book, a movie and a song.

I’m not going to get intense, so for a book, in this case a photographic one, “The British Isles” by Jamie Hawkesworth. For a film, Xavier Dolan’s Mommy or some insufferable shit about the end of the world, and a song… I can’t choose between all of Robyn’s songs.

Author whose works you never miss


3 podcasts or radio programs you would recommend.

I’m more of a music person, but I really enjoy the ‘ Pijas Marrones’ podcast.

3 Instagram profiles that you would recommend.


TV series you are currently watching.

None right now, although I feel like we are watching new stuff all the time, all very similar to each other, and within a week we forget the characters and the plot. The last one that didn’t make me feel like this and that I would watch over and over is ‘La Mesías’ (The Messiah).

Next country/city you would like to travel to and why

I really want to go back to Montreal, I spent a whole month there many years ago, I was
very happy there and I always want to go back, I loved it.

Person you would like to see taking this quiz.

@mikelpascal and @adolfoabejon

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